House Selling Tips

House selling tips

When selling a home, there are more stuff to do than just planting a “For Sale” sign on the front lawn and call it a day. It is very strategic and you need a lot of careful thinking and planning to make it work, and also a lot of time. While your agent is doing their job to market your home, there still are a bunch of stuff that you can do to make the home ready for the market.


First Impressions are Key

You get a first impression once, and once only. This is often when you can go big and blow someone’s expectations away or fail miserably. Making some good pictures that will show your home’s real values is very important. If you fail to catch their attention in the first few seconds you will need a long time to sell it.


Keep your lawn tidy

They don’t even need to step inside the house to see how well taken cared of is your home if the lawn is just uninviting. A lawn which looks like a tropical forest is not very pleasing to the eye. When you see a lawn full of weeds, dead leaves and such you instantly get an image of what the interior looks like, and that image is not pleasant. Because of this, spare the time and effort and clean the lawn.


Clean up your home

When you get into a house and all you can see is dust on everything, some dishes that have not been washed for ages, toys everywhere, and laundry on the floor you instantly get disappointed. Clean your home before the visitor comes so the potential buyer does not miss the real beauty.


Does the house look somewhat dull? Paint it

We have all been there. A home that just seems very uninviting, very bored which also gives a lackluster aura. All of this because the walls look old, tired, faded and scuffed up or chipped. A quick paint job can make a home look so much more inviting. Just do not go into vibrant colors. A neutral color is more appealing to the mass of buyers, and a neutral and simple wall is a blank canvas, waiting to be filled with paintings and photos.

I know you love Fido but do not bring him over

A lot of people like pets, but bringing your beloved dog over is not a good idea. Having a house filled with fur, litter and this weird constant smell is unpleasing to some, especially those who don’t have a pet, even if they would want one. Keep the pet at a friend until the house sells, and clean it thoroughly.

Get rid of that unpleasant smell

Entering in a house and smelling something extremely awful is maybe even worse than a messy house. Cigarette smoke is something that many people hate, a food with a strong smell or just dirtiness is very unappealing. Open the windows, remove the source of the smell, use some room deodorizer to make the house smell as good as it is.


Natural light is the best light

When a house is well lit by the sun it looks so much bigger, warmer and cozier. Use it to your advantage. Have some light-colored drapery that is somewhat transparent so light flows in. It will really make your house pop.

Modern is in demand

Seeing how millennials make up a large portion of the market, a grandfather clock, grandma’s old tea set, and those mid ‘60s kitchen cabinets are just not attractive at all. Spice things up a little. Little investments might come with huge profits.


Don’t crowd buyers

Some buyers are really meticulous when searching and inspecting their desired house. They will spend a lot of time to look into your house and see whether they enjoy it or not. If you are there, breathing in the back of their neck they will be very annoyed and they might just give up on your house. Allow them to take a look around whenever they want. Give all the required information when they require it.