Financial Literacy For Kids

The quest of saving money as a kid.

We all have dreams about certain stuff, like a needed vacation, a new car, that new smartphone. Too bad that saving money is not that easy as it looks, and making money is not a walk in the park either. You can’t always save money just for your dream house, but also if you get sick, your car breaks down or you need something done urgently. You most likely want to know how to save more money properly, and luckily for you, this page is all you need.

How to earn money properly

Getting money is something that you will do over the course of your entire life. Gaining a huge amount of money is never something that can be easily achieved. But if it is hard to get, at the very least you can do something that you enjoy while doing it right? The most common strategy that you hear everywhere: Find something that you love doing and find a way to get paid for doing it.

Depending on your age, this can be a tough or an easy call to make. If you are a teenager, you most likely have an idea in your head about what interest you and what you picture yourself doing. Don’t waste time and try and get it now. All the industries have some open positions for anyone without a degree. True, they are far from your dream job, but by working in the same building you will see people who will have the career that you pursue, and see if you enjoy it. If the job that you want needs a specific skill, try to learn it by now.

If you are a bit younger than a teenager, you probably didn’t give this whole idea a lot of careful planning. If you don’t know what to do just think a bit. What makes you happy? What would you enjoy doing for the rest of your life? If you want something to do with space research a bit. If you like to help people go do it. Passionate people are successful people. You also need some kind of experience, work experience or interacting with people in a professional manner. Here are a few suggestions that can help you get started.

If you enjoy time outside go mow some lawns, walk some dogs, make a lemonade stand, it doesn’t really matter. If there is a competition and other kids are doing it too, lower your prices, do extra stuff. Real life is not that far off. If you enjoy sitting inside, there are also possibilities available here too. Tutor other kids in the subjects that you are great at and charge less, wrap some gifts during the holidays. Packing tens of Christmas gifts can be very time consuming. Here are some links that will teach you a bit more things about making money.

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-Games and Information – Some games, videos, and information about themoney in the US Treasury Department. (

-Making Change Game – Share change from the cash register in as few coins as possible. (

-Finance in the Classroom – Games that teach you responsible money management. (


Saving your money

It doesn’t matter how old you are, it matters if you want to save money. Spending a 20$ bill on a 20$ item is extremely satisfying, but that is not the smartest thing to do. You can come up with a saving plan with your parent and put whatever you saved into a savings account. If 10% is enough for you then go for it, and stick with it. That money will surely be very handy in the future. Here are a bunch of links about saving.

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–              Saving Tips – Introduction to savings clubs. (

–              Children’s Financial Network – An organization dedicated to teaching kids financial literacy. (

Spending Money

Making money is easy. You just have to show up to work and do your job. Spending money is hard, that’s if you want to do it properly. It is very easy to go and buy everything that you see, but sadly that’s not how life works. So you have to learn to spend money responsibly. Figuring out a spending plan is a good first step, either if you do it yourself, or ask a parent to do it. With a 20$ budget it might look somewhat like this:

-10$ – Fun

-6$ – Buying new clothes

-2$ – Savings

-2$ – Charity

Obviously enough, in the future you will make more than 20$. But, knowing how to stick to a plan is important, and because of that plan you will have money in your pocket in record time. Here are some additional links.

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